James Conlee is Cool

I’m having lunch with my brother James because it’s important to eat and he is cool.



My Site is a Blog – Yet I Don’t Blog.

In Sheiks Canyon, Grand Gulch Primitive Area

Hi, I’m Steve Conlee. Yes, my website is a blog. And yet, if you look around you’ll see that I don’t blog much.

I’ve got my reasons for having a blog and not blogging. They are:

  • I have this site because I figure someday it will come in handy – for what, I don’t know…yet.
  • It is a blog because it was easy to set up.
  • I don’t blog because I don’t (think I) have the time.
  • I don’t blog because I can’t think of what value I would personally derive from doing so.

Why are you here? What, if anything, do you think is wrong with my positions stated above? If someone comes up with a reasonable criticism I’ll certainly comment or submit another post.

Otherwise…move along, there’s nothing here to see – except for maybe the About Page. Thanks for visiting.